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10 Most Powerful Lines from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

↳ (4/10) Alphonse Elric: "How am I supposed to fight in that body!?"

My love for Alphonse grew immensely after this part. Can you imagine - he’s been searching for years and years for his body and finally, it’s right in front of him. But then he’s left with a choice; take his body and be useless in the battlefield or fight. You can see how frustrated and conflicted he is with that choice but he still chooses to reject his body and go fight. He wants to help everyone and protect them. He doesn’t want what happened to Hughes, Martel and Nina to happen again - he wants to help people, even if it means sacrificing the one thing he wants the most. Al is, by far, the most noble character in this manga. 

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